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People form the most valuable resources in a company. It should stick to people-centeredness, dig into people as a special resource, conduct scientific management and evaluation, maximally display and boost talents of all individuals before marching towards the orientationthat prove beneficial to attaining the company’s goal and helping talents needed by the company get adjusted to the company and bring out the talents of all staffs. It is the policy on human resources in the company.

To attain this objective, human resources department and managerial cadres will continuously make extension and innovation, make progress and make unremitting efforts to the set-up of a systematic, scientific, rigorous and regulated human resources system. Talents with talents and morality are resources Hongri truly needs. ‘Morality’ refers to loyalty to the company. It is the prime condition for selecting talents. ‘Talent’ refers to performance. Performance is the contribution a person makes. It is the specific embodiment of capacity. Hongri will create a benign environment and atmosphere, encourage innovation of various talents, lead people to be courageous to show their talents and focus on sustainable development of talents. Hongri reckons that advancement of the company only represents success half done. What is more important is the shared development of people and companies, i.e. the goal to attain ‘career development in Hongri and joint development of people’.

Salary and welfare

As a member in the machinery industry, it is inevitable that we should confront with challenges of extreme revolution in machinery. As a leading company in the machinery industry in China, we will surely confront fierce and intense competition. Any low-efficient flow and pride will replete our competitiveness.
Work in Hongri Company is rigorous but not short of challenges. When we burden you with work, you will feel the simple and pragmatic atmosphere on interpersonal relationship, pure and open communication platform, and assiduous work attitude. We believe that those are what fresh graduates need and provide the best soil for outstanding talents to attain their dream.
Interpersonal relationship is simple in Hongri Company. Sincerity is a natural consensus. In an open office environment, qualification and levels will not prove barriers for communication, we can acquire all-out backup and help in an easy and efficient atmosphere. In the meantime, ‘simplicity’ also helps with transparent work performance so that outstanding staffs are highlighted before growing into backbone of the company.
In Hongri, assiduousness and seeking for knowledge is a spontaneous conduct. High-standard requirements on work quality have become a habit. You will get integrated into a team with requirement and pursuit. You will clearly feel the impetus on mutual promotion and constant growth.
We have a joint goal in Hongri: to put repaying of the country with industry as our own mission and to be dedicated to realization of customers’ dream in precision electrochemical field. Join Hongri and you will have the opportunity to participate in this arousing process and relish in the joy of success.


Salary: we will offer competitive pay in the field to our employees and conduct adjustment of salary depending on marketing pay level and employees’ salary performance to ensure that outstanding staffs get more acknowledgement and incentives.
Growth of staffs: the company will provide training combiningdiversified concepts and practice. It will select some outstanding staffs for field study in professional bases depending on work needs.
Year-end incentive:to help staffs share operational performance in the company, we will offer year-end bonus to employees. Bonus mechanism is correlated with operating status and individual performance.
Classical motivation measure:1. Internal equity-it assigns equities to backbone staffs. All participators will attend sharing of dividends. They will share operating results of the company, co-assume responsibilities and risks of company development, boost staffs’ awareness of masters and enhance the company’s cohesion. 2. The company encourages independent innovation and focuses on input on research and development.
Health and care:to help staffs timely understanding their health status, we would provide free physical check each year.
Health-care activity: to enrich employees’ spare-time activities, it offers a stage for demonstrating their talents. Each year, we would organize convening of various recreational games and outdoor games.
Life welfare:  in legitimate holidays and some traditional festivals, we will assign festival money and gifs to celebrate it.
Accommodation: suite for wife and husband and staff dormitory.